The Three Mac's

The Three Mac's are a set of tools to communicate with smartcards and their devices (like decoders) and to log the traffic between them. They all require Win32 and thus work under Win95/Win98. There is no version for Win 3.1. These tools are nice to do some experimenting, however for "real" applications you will have to write your own programs. An example of a real application is the complete simulation of a smartcard, taking over functions like decoding etc. You can look at this as MacSmart + some specific algorithms.

I'm more of a programmer than a documentation writer. That's why there is none. Just work and learn, I did my job:-) BTW: All these programs are completely FreeWare.

Since Oct 11, 1998 all source code is available for download. You will need at least MS-VC++ 5.0 to compile&link.This code was written quick&dirty, this means no documentation or source comments. Do whatever you want with this source code, in any case I'm not reponsible for what you do with it. Enjoy!


This program uses the (passive) season interface to log traffic between the smartcard and its device.

maclog.gif (12769 bytes)

Download MacLog v 1.04

Download MacLog SourceCode


MacTalk is a little program with which one can "talk" to any (?) smartcard. You can load&save SmartCard Configuration files which hold all the settings (baudrate, invert) and all the instructions for that smartcard. Such a file is included for SECA MediaGuard. It uses a smartcard reader/writer interface.

With the SmartCard Configuration files you can create your own instruction lists for the smartcard of your choice and share them with others. The program can also be used to test instructions and their parameters.

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Download MacTalk v 1.02

Download MacTalk SourceCode


MacSmart is a little tool with which one can communicate with devices requiring a smartcard (like a decoder). It uses a season interface. This prog also makes use of the SmartCard Configuration files (SCC). It actually can load such a file created by MacTalk. If you create a instruction in MacTalk that sends the instruction message from MacTalk to the smartcard. The same instruction loaded in MacSmart will be from the device/decoder to MacSmart.

Included in this download is a SCC file that once loaded enables MacSmart to startup the CanalDigitaal decoder. Startup does not mean decode... but at least you can view the mosaic channel, which is not coded:) Variants of this file *can* be able to startup other SECA systems like CanalSatellite France.

macsmart.gif (15631 bytes)

Download MacSmart v 1.02

Download MacSmart SourceCode

3Macs Beta 1

3Macs is a tool which combines all three above tools into one. In addition it has the GateKeeper mode of operation. Using a smartcard reader/writer on one COM port and a season interface on another COM port, you can block, filter and modify commands "on the fly" to&from the decoder/smartcard.

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Download 3Macs Beta 1

Download 3Macs SourceCode